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Corey Mize joined Echelon Front in 2021 as a member of the Leadership Development and Alignment Program. She is currently the Extreme Ownership Academy Director and Sustainment Training Manager.

Insights by COREY MIZE

Micromanagement, the bane of many workplaces, is often recognized for its detrimental effects on employee morale and productivity. But what if there were alternatives? What is another word for micromanagement, and how can leaders adopt more effective strategies? Let’s look into this crucial question. When discussing micromanagement, it’s essential to
Do you realize that building relationships with managers at work is critical to success in the workplace? No matter what level you’re at in the business world, forming valuable relationships with management should be a priority. Doing so can help you gain their trust, earn their respect, and influence their
A question we often receive from clients is: what is business relationship management? In other words, people want to know how to manage and build professional relationships. We often associate the word relationship with something personal. Someone we intrinsically like and want to spend time with, but we know in
At Echelon Front, we have four core values – leadership at every level, leadership in every capacity, leadership is the solution, and leadership is a skill. When asked why is self-management important, the core belief of leadership in every capacity comes to mind. Leadership in every capacity means you are
Are You Taking Ownership or Wasting Leadership Capital in Your Marriage? In a recent live session of the Women’s Assembly, Corey Mize discussed a pitfall that she faced in the first years of her own marriage – a pitfall that too many people fall into. It was counterproductive communication and