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Intensive, hands-on, real-world training on Extreme Ownership leadership principles

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Field Training Exercise | FTX

Field Training Exercise is intensive, hands-on, real-world training on Extreme Ownership leadership principles.

Participants are put in a high stress, challenging, and chaotic situations that bring to life the power of effectively applying the 4 laws of combat.

1. Cover and Move – Teamwork

2. Simple – Communication and Planning

3. Prioritize and Execute – Default Action

4. Decentralized Command – Everyone LEADS

Leaders are not just forged in classrooms through hypothetical training and theory, but through practice, and hands on experiences.

The Extreme Ownership Field Training Exercise program translates proven experiential training, used in the SEAL Teams, into practical lessons for leading any team in any capacity.

Detailed debriefs after each “operation” will help participants make direct connections from combat lessons they are learning to actual challenges they are working through, in both their professional and personal lives.

Extreme Ownership Field Training is NOT a tactical course on how to shoot and maneuver. It’s a leadership course.

FTX will humble you and help you realize where you need to improve.

This experience helps for leaders to truly FEEL the burden of leadership, pressure test your skills, and reveal your leadership blind spots.


“Echelon Front’s FTX was, by far, the greatest leadership program I have ever attended. I knew the Laws of Combat, and the Mindsets of Victory going in, but this experience put me on the path to clearly understand and implement them in my business and personal life.”


“After reading the books when facing a leadership challenge, I would ask myself, “What would Jocko or Leif do?” After the FTX training, I don’t ask myself that anymore. I know what to do. The Extreme Ownership principles seem second nature.”


“The FTX gave me the opportunity to pressure test my leadership abilities with some of the best cadre in the business, along side other proven leaders. I received well more than my money’s worth and walked away with concrete lessons on how to improve, both at home and in the workplace.”



Participants will be placed in very specific roles and chaotic situations intentionally designed to reveal where you can grow as a leader.

Extreme Ownership Field Training Exercise takes you through the proven process for effective Mission Planning, Execution and Post Op Debrief. These three stages of the mission enable us to triangulate where you can grow as a leader, immediate solutions you can implement on the next run, and exponentially accelerate your ability to lead.

This training is for leaders in EVERY capacity…first responder, business owner, senior executive, manager, front line employee, individual contributor… You will walk away with the real world leadership skills to immediately apply within your life.

Stage 1: Mission Planning

For any business or industry, it is essential to have a standardized planning process. Effective implementation of the Laws of Combat all starts in the planning process. Giving ownership to the team creates buy-in and enables the team to most effectively execute the plan. The FTX program will help leaders understand how to:

Create buy-in to your plan and alignment at every level of the team

• Implement Decentralized Command in the planning process

• Stay detached from the details, but close enough to drive the desired strategic goal and end state

• Plan for likely contingencies, but allow enough flexibility to make adjustments where needed

• Establish clear communications up and down the chain of command for necessary information flow

Stage 2: Mission Execution

Participants will execute 14 to 15 simulated combat missions, all carefully designed to challenge your leadership skills in the different roles you will be asked to lead in. As a leader you’re NOT going to be in a fixed position, putting you in these different roles will enable you to see, feel and know exactly how to best position yourself to support your team. The training will address the following:

Where to best position yourself and how changing your perspective enables you to better support the team

• How to most effectively communicate and pass critical information so that your team responds

• Why it’s crucial to let the junior leaders on your team lead, so you can look around and think about the next steps

• How to not get sucked into the details so you can focus on what’s best for the team to achieve the desired outcome

• Why having everyone depend on you to make every decision results in stagnation, indecision and failure

• How to be decisive in an uncertain environment by making small, iterative decisions

• Why leadership is the most important thing on the battlefield or in any arena of business or life

Stage 3: Post Operation Debrief

The Post Operation (or Post Op) debrief is where the real learning happens. After every mission you will conduct an immediate debrief, guided by the instructors while the experience is fresh. A Post Op Debrief examines all phases of an operation from planning through execution, in a concise format. It addresses the following for the simulated combat mission just completed: What went right? What went wrong? How can you adapt your tactics to make you and your team even more effective and increase your chances of achieving the desired outcome? Most important, we take the lessons learned in the FTX simulated combat scenario and apply them directly to your everyday world.

Once the Post Op Debrief is complete, you get to turn around and immediately implement the lessons learned into the planning and execution of the next operation. With instructors watching you at every stage of the leadership experience, we make sure you understand:

• Why the gunfighting tactic of Cover and Move becomes a massive force multiplier for any team in any arena

• How to effectively communicate in a simple, clear and concise manner and ensure the team understands so they can execute

• What to do to more easily Prioritize and Execute when you have to make decisions under pressure in a dynamic environment

• How to establish the purpose, end state and parameters that empower your team to lead through Decentralized Command

• Why Extreme Ownership is humbling, but also liberating

• How to lead yourself and your team to victory in every aspect of your personal and professional life

Participants will leave with a much deeper understanding of Extreme Ownership Principles and the knowledge for how to apply the Laws of Combat in every area of your life.

• A clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to leadership

• A pressure tested, standardized process for making decisions that enables you to take decisive action and win

• Eliminating micromanagement, questions and scrutiny from your senior leaders by pushing critical information up the chain

• A clear and proven path to get others to take ownership by taking ownership yourself

• The ability to create a team that is fully bought in to plans by giving them ownership

• The means to build relationships to get the Cover you need from others so you and your team can Move

• A team that effectively executes without direct guidance and oversight from you

• The means to build trust and confidence in your team so that you let them step up and lead with Decentralized Command

Words from past PARTICIPANTS

FTX001 provided me an invaluable opportunity to implement the laws of combat through hands-on experiential learning and evaluate my successes and areas for improvement. This training opened my eyes to my personal leadership blind spots and what a mindset of extreme ownership looks and feels like. Going forward, I feel confident in my ability to continue implementing the leadership principles with a default aggressive approach.


Jocko is right when he says the most important skill you can learn is leadership. FTX 001 definitely helped me learn why putting the team and the mission first is the right approach to my work and personal life. JP, Codey and the entire EF team put together an awesome training that one needs to experience to truly understand.


The experience that is FTX is more than a leadership development or standard training course. The fundamentals taught are executed in an environment in order to allow for those fundamentals to be experienced. The action based learning allows for key takeaways to be applied and not merely understood; you will leave a more effective leader and a better person.


The EF team was well prepared and showcased the criticality of Extreme Ownership. This training quickly exposes leadership weaknesses and gives you the tools to close the gap and become a better leader for your team. Regardless of your level in the org. chart, you WILL find things to work on both personally and professionally.


FTX 001 was the best leadership training I have ever received; it was a high stress, real world environment, that forced me to use the 4 laws of combat to succeed. The EF Team was able to illustrate in real time the importance of leadership and how the execution of the 4 laws of combat is imperative to success in business, but more importantly success in day to day life.

After reading the books, it is great to put the principles learning into action with the guys that wrote the book.

During each mission I could feel the opposing urges to either focus on what was right in front of me or analyze the big picture. If I focused too much on one or the other, then I found myself either developing tunnel vision or becoming aloof. I can think of no better way to learn the difference than to experience it for oneself through immersive training such as this

FTX is the best real life training on how to apply the leadership principles taught by Echelon Front. The Echelon Front team made it easy to learn and understand how to apply these concepts, which I will be able to apply upon returning.

FTX is simply the best training I have ever attended. You will FEEL the laws of combat and immediately recognize leadership principles that you can apply in professional and personal life.

FTX provides participants with a clear, concrete, hands-on demonstration of effective and ineffective leadership approaches. Separated from my usual work environment and with personalized instruction from the EF team, I was able to diagnose habits and practices that get in my way and discuss ways to improve. This training is highly recommended for anyone who wants to bring their leadership game to the next level; you will not be disappointed.

The only way to gain experience is to have experiences. The FTX is a high-speed accelerator to feel what each of the laws of combat means in practical terms, applied to your business and life.

This was an incredible, humbling experience. Jocko, Leif, JP and the team were true to form and genuine in-person as they are on other platforms: Podcasts, EFO and the books. The powerful, challenging situations they created cannot be replicated elsewhere. I highly recommend this event to anyone who would like to discover and apply the Extreme Ownership principles.

An amazing event that sets up participants for success in a fast paced, high stress environment. Leadership principles are well learned and fun is had. It is worth the investment.

This leadership course was amazing! The instructor cadre and OPFOR [opposing forces] we’re amazing in the instruction they gave as well as letting the class make their decisions and working through them! They were always there to help, but not to hold our hands though this! Thank you very much for this!


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