A Keynote Presentation includes a 45 minute – 90 minute briefing plus time for Q&A as the schedule allows. Our leadership instructors can present either as a team (2 or more instructors) or individually.



  • Teamwork


  • Planning and communication

Prioritize and Execute

  • Resource allocation

Decentralized Command

  • Leadership at every level
They are extremely engaging and the content resonates with leaders in ANY capacity. They creatively interweave edge-of-your-seat SEAL and TOPGUN combat stories with practical leadership concepts and principles.

Each presentation is customized to meet specific client needs (e.g. addressing a current challenge; highlighting specific areas for growth) and align with the general theme of the event. They truly deliver a memorable and lasting keynote that will inspire people in your organization both professionally and personally to lead more effectively.


Basic understanding of the fundamental leadership principles of Extreme Ownership and how attendees can apply these principles to current professional and personal challenges.

“No Bad Teams, Only Bad Leaders.”

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The Tank

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Online Learning

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Leadership Assements

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We build custom programs that fit each organization’s unique context and learning objectives and can transform large groups of leaders, managers, and frontline employees

We work with clients to customize content and use a variety of building blocks to create the best participant experience and enduring impact

Leadership assessments
EF assesses organizational health and creates alignment around what needs to change to unlock growth

Sound diagnostic expertise – coupled with strong interpersonal coaching – transforms teams, creates a culture of performance, and positions companies for high performance

Web-based training
Instructor-moderated courses combined with social learning over EF’s or client’s Learning Management System

Web-based training provides additional repetitions for understanding and applying Extreme Ownership leadership principles

In-person, instructor-led workshops
Introduce key leadership principles through an engaging keynote, role plays, open Q&A sessions, and other experiential learning

Generates excitement and provides a common language to discuss leadership challenges and principles to apply in order to solve problems

Co-creation of leadership Development programs
We provide thought partnership to integrate Extreme Ownership leadership principles into existing leadership development programs or completely new training programs

Can support from the instructional design phase through the implementation of these highly-transformative programs

Field Training Exercises
Typically either the kick-off or capstone to our Leadership Development and Alignment Programs, our Field Training Exercise is highly-customizable, hands-on, real world training on Extreme Ownership Leadership Principles.

Our clients are put in high-stress, challenging, and chaotic situations that bring to life the power of effectively applying the 4 laws of combat

Leadership coaching and strategic Advising
Sessions with EF instructors will enable personalized growth, development and live problem solving of leadership challenges.

During our engagements, Executive teams will have access to EF instructors for regular check points

Team-wide advising programs foster seismic shifts for both individuals and organizations


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