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Mike Bajema is a retired U.S. Army officer, Infantry-Armor combined-arms commander, joint forces strategic planner and now a leadership instructor and speaker with Echelon Front. He served over 20 years as an Armor officer with 13 years of overseas experience. Fighting alongside Leif Babin and Jocko Willink from Task Unit Bruiser as the commander of Team Bulldog from the historic 1st Armored Division’s Ready First Combat Team, he established the first combat outpost (COP) in South-Central Ramadi and successfully defeated the insurgency’s stranglehold around COP Falcon. When not leading tactical formations, Mike served as a joint forces operational and strategic planner; graduating from the U.S. Navy’s Maritime Advanced Warfighting School. He was the only Army officer selected to serve as the 2014 Headquarters, Department of the Army’s senior fellow at the George C. Marshall European Center for European Security Studies and later shaped vital European partnerships while on the Pentagon’s Joint Staff.

The capstone of Mike’s career was commanding 2nd Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment and subsequent deployment to the Republic of Korea just miles from the demilitarized zone with North Korea. He is the recipient of the Bronze Star for Valor, and the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for Combat Valor for actions during the Battle of Ramadi.

Upon his retirement from the Army, Mike brings to Echelon Front vast expert combat leadership, proven organizational development techniques for building foundational extreme ownership, and strategic planning experience. He serves as a leadership instructor, speaker and strategic advisor for Echelon Front.

Build Teams That Cover And Move

Build Teams That Cover And Move

The first Law of Combat is Cover and Move. At its core, Cover and Move means teamwork. Individuals and teams must mutually support one another, working together in order to accomplish the mission. But how do you get individuals and teams to most effectively work together? The answer, that I’ve seen tested and proven in combat, business or in any other arena in life, is to build relationships.

“Mike did a great job. The feedback across our organization has been positive.”
“He did a good job of relating the leadership lessons to AirLife and it was obvious he had done a great deal of research about our organization and that didn’t go unnoticed by our staff. He had good command of the room and was funny and engaging and there was good participation and discussion.”
“What I found impressive was how Mike walked the room and was never reading from a slide. He knew his material and it showed.”




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The Golden Rule: ASK QUESTIONS when you don’t understand something

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How to Create a Culture of Extreme Ownership from Day One

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“How can you identify the line between being a leader and being a friend?”

Dave Berke “How can you identify the line between being a leader and being a friend?” A good leader needs to have a strong relationship with...


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Extreme Ownership


-dave berke

“We spent the day with Dave during our global leadership summit. Dave was incredible. In a few hours he inspired our team and communicated simple, no non-sense methods that we have used to collaborate, lead and win. Extreme Ownership has become a cornerstone of our leadership philosophy at TaskUs.”
Bryce Maddock, TaskUs


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What Is Extreme Ownership?

There is no one else to blame; you must own problems along with solutions; commit to lead up and down the chain of command

Putting The Mission First

Putting The Mission First

Putting the mission first is simple. Check your ego. You may find yourself in a situation where all of your efforts are in support of another department, team, or person. Since you are supporting them, that means they will get the bulk of the credit for any successes they experience. You may find yourself resentful in some respect—after all, were it not for your hard work, they would likely not have achieved the success for which they are now getting the credit.

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