I registered for the event on behalf of someone else. How do I get this ticket updated with the correct attendee information?
Email us with:
• YOUR name (first and last)
• Order number (if you have it)
• The first and last name for the actual registrant
• Email address for the actual registrant
Do I need to have a physical copy of the ticket printed when registering on-site?
A printed ticket is not needed. We will be able to check you in at registration using your name and/or email. Having your ticket/order number accessible via mobile device is always helpful and will speed up your registration process in the event of any issues.
I registered but I am no longer able to attend. Am I able to get a refund?
We currently do not extend refunds for events. For those that notify us of a conflict AT LEAST 30 days prior to the event, we will honor a TRANSFER of your ticket to a future MUSTER event. For extenuating circumstances, please email us.

I need a copy of my order receipt. How can I obtain this?
First be sure to check your junk/spam mailbox as the order receipt will be emailed to you direct from Shopify. If you are unable to find this, simply email us and we will send you a PDF copy of your order receipt.

Email us with:
• Your name (first and last)
• Your order number (if available)

Do you offer a payment plan for purchasing a ticket?
For certain circumstances, we can offer a payment plan. Simply email us and we will discuss a process specific to your needs.
Can I pay for my ticket via check/purchase order/ACH transfer?
We can issue you an order invoice for payment via check, purchase order or ACH transfer. Once the invoice is sent, your ticket(s) will be placed on HOLD until payment has been received. Your ticket(s) will be emailed once payment has been recorded.

To receive an invoice, please email us with:
• Your Name and Email
• Company Name (if applicable)
• Address and/or phone number
• # of tickets
• Type of payment to be made (check, PO or ACH transfer)

I registered for a group of tickets that are now in my name. How can I get this updated to include each of my team members separately?
An email will be sent to the group lead (whoever placed the original order) to obtain the name (first and last) and the emails for the other members of your group. Once received, we will update the tickets in our system and each member will receive an email with their ticket.

DEFAULT AGGRESSIVE: Upon placing your group order, email us with the names (first and last) and emails of those in your group and we will update accordingly.


How can I convince my boss to send me to a MUSTER?
Download and share the CREATING LEADERS AT EVERY LEVEL informational kit.
Why should I send my subordinate leaders to a MUSTER?
Download and share the CREATING LEADERS AT EVERY LEVEL informational kit.
Email comms. Should I be getting emails from the Echelon Front team? I haven’t received any emails since registering. How do I rectify this?
Upon registration, you will receive an email from both SHOPIFY (our ticket system) and from with some additional information. As we near the event, additional emails will be sent with updated information. If you have not received any emails from us, please first check your junk/spam mailbox. You can also email us and we will ensure your information is up to date in our system.
Will I receive a Certificate of Completion?
Yes. Each MUSTER attendee will receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of Day 2, signed by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.
What meals are provided?
• Lunch on both Thursday and Friday will be provided at the hotel.
• Dinner on Thursday night will also be provided off site (location to be provided at registration)
• Breakfast is NOT provided but each attendee will be given a welcome kit with a variety of nutritional items and snacks to use in place of breakfast or throughout the day. Each hotel also offers a variety of food options for breakfast.
• Coffee, Tea and water provided throughout the event.
What if I have a food allergy?
We will do our best to accommodate food allergies and restrictions although we cannot guarantee options depending on your specific needs. Our pre-event survey will ask about food allergies so that we can work with the hotel and dinner venue to accommodate special requests. Upon registration, our team will provide you information for how to obtain special meal requirements based in the information we receive via the survey.



Is the hotel room included in the cost of registration?
No. You will need to book your own hotel accommodations. We have secured a room block at the respective hotel for both 007, 008 and 009 which will provide you a discounted room rate. To access this rate, use the online booking link from our website or call the respective hotel and reference Extreme Ownership MUSTER when booking.
Is there a deadline for booking my hotel room?
Our room blocks are valid on a first come, first serve basis. Once our room block has been filled, the hotel will not be able to offer the discounted rate. We recommend you book your hotel room ASAP upon registering for the event to ensure access to our event hotel and the discounted rate made available to our attendees.
Gi? No Gi? What do I wear?
A Gi is NOT necessary. Regular athletic pants, shorts and tops are fine. Long sleeve shirts or rash guards are helpful but not required. No shoes or socks on the mats.
Can I attend the ‘Intro to BJJ’ if I have never trained before?
All are welcome. This session will introduce basic BJJ skills, taught by Jocko Willink and Echo Charles. No prior experience is needed.
I am experienced in BJJ. Will I have an opportunity to roll with others or is this simply an introductory class?
Yes. The group starts together and then participants are separated onto different mats. Beginners stay with Jocko Willink and Echo Charles to learn some basic moves. Those that have experience go to another mat with Leif Babin and JP Dinnell to roll. Jocko and Echo join the other group following the introductory class.



What does the morning PT entail?
  • Light jogging or walking (to and from the PT location)
  • Body weight exercises (burpees, lunges, squats, flutter kicks, jumping jacks, push-ups etc)
  • Timed circuits in large groups with an EF instructor at each circuit
How physically fit to I need to be in order to participate?
All of the exercises are designed to accommodate varying levels of fitness. For example, extremely fit people will be able to do more reps in the time allotted while others may work at a slower pace. All of the exercises can be modified based on a participant’s ability and/or limitations. We will have volunteers and instructors at each circuit helping those that may need to modify.
I have an injury, can I still participate?
We certainly encourage you to discuss any physical activity following an injury or health issue with your Doctor first. That said, all of our exercises can be modified based on individual needs. Example: If you are dealing with a shoulder injury, modify push-up by doing a simple plank hold or a different exercise all together.
Do I really have to wake up at 4:34am to workout?
Nearly 75% of our attendees join the morning PT sessions however, these workouts are OPTIONAL and at your own discretion.


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