Extreme Ownership MUSTER Scholarship

Troopers from all over the world meet at the Extreme Ownership Muster. This two-day conference expands on the principles of Extreme Ownership and can be life-changing for those who attend.

Echelon Front knows that attending a Muster is an incredible commitment: time, money, and passion. When troopers make the effort to meet in fellowship, amazing things happen. That’s why, when we tragically lose Troopers on The Path, we must do what we can to remember them.

In 2021, Troopers Scott and Laurie Brown (Muster 011) were tragically lost in an ATV accident.

In 2022, Trooper Dan Roman (Muster 007) succumbed to his long fight with Stage 4 cancer.

In memory of Scott and Laurie Brown, along with Dan Roman, we are offering two scholarships to attend the Extreme Ownership Muster in 2023. We honor their memory by sharing the principles that meant so much to them.

Scholarships to the Extreme Ownership Muster cover the cost of registration. You may nominate yourself, or someone you believe is deserving. When telling your nominee’s story, please share their leadership situation and how attending the Muster gets them further on The Path.

Please Note The Following:

  • Nominees are responsible for costs associated with travel and lodging.
  • Only first-time attendees of a Muster are eligible for this scholarship.
  • The scholarship can be applied to Muster 016 in Orlando, FL, or Muster 017 in Dallas, TX.
  • Regretfully, we cannot respond to every application for this scholarship. Scholarship recipients will be contacted directly.
  • Nominations for scholarships must be received by February 10, 2023.
  • Recipients will be chosen by February 15, 2023.

Honoring Dan Roman

Dan Roman, a Financial Aid Team Lead at Colorado Technical University, grew up in Warrenville, IL, where, as a young man, he was active in music, track and field sports, and a member of the Civil Air Patrol – CAP.

During his 22-year involvement in CAP, he developed a passion for leadership and learning. As a cadet, Dan attained the rank of Cadet Colonel, the highest rank possible. He received the Spaatz Award for excellence in leadership, character, fitness, and aerospace education, awarded to only half of one percent of all cadets. As an adult in CAP, Dan mentored youth, taught leadership courses, and developed leadership curricula. He attained the rank of Lt. Colonel and earned many awards and decorations. Dan held many positions at the local unit, group, wing (state), region, and national levels of the Civil Air Patrol.

At the young age of 29, Dan was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. In this advanced stage, his prognosis was grim, but Dan’s drive and will to live offered him another six years of life.

Dan’s health challenges and passion for leadership led him to read Extreme Ownership in 2018, finishing it in a single weekend. He fully embraced the principles of the book and immersed himself in Jocko’s teachings to help him mentally fight cancer. With a Jocko tea in hand, he shared lessons from Extreme Ownership with everyone he met. Dan attended Muster 007 – Chicago, which was a highlight of his journey.

Unfortunately, Dan passed away in 2022. His inspiration and passion for leadership will continue through the Dan Roman MUSTER Scholarship, which will be awarded to an individual that exhibits exemplary courage to face life’s challenges and a passion for leadership.

Honoring Scott and Laurie Brown

Special Agent Scott Brown was a trooper in every sense of the word and was raising his children to be “on the path”. He was a Former Army Ranger (deploying to Iraq twice in the early 2000s), a Police Officer who served in the SWAT Team, and finally a sworn officer investigating false opioid prescriptions with the Department of Health and Human Services. He was most recently named the Special Agent in Charge of the Washington DC Field Office. He was an avid follower of the Jocko podcast and preached the Laws of Combat to those under his command.

Laurie Brown had a 20+ year career as a senior staff accountant with the Security Exchange Commission. She received several awards for her work both as an examiner and as a Learning Officer. She was a treasured teammate who always jumped in to provide her colleagues with support wherever needed.

Scott and Laurie attended MUSTER 011 in Phoenix and extended their weekend to explore the area. They died tragically in an ATV accident due to flooding in Camp Creek, Arizona on August 19, 2021. Scott and Laurie were devoted parents to their three children, Lindsay, Ciara, and Ryan.

Their legacy to lead in life and at home with live on through a Muster scholarship awarded in their honor.


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