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The Extreme Ownership Muster is the single best leadership training event I’ve attended. That includes my time at the US Air Force Academy, Squadron Officer School, and Instructor Pilot training. Jocko and Leif provide inspiration and practical leadership tools that I will lean on and develop for the rest of my career.

Hands down the best leadership conference on the planet. Battle proven concepts, broken down by battle tested leaders.

The Extreme Ownership Muster was one of the most exciting, energizing and informative events I’ve attended. I came away with nuanced insights of my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, and the knowledge of how to improve. I’m getting after it, my team is happier, and my investors are too.

Extreme Ownership Muster and the people gave me my life back. This event inspired me to lead and own my life, family, and work. I will forever be grateful for that opportunity.

Life changer. Game changer. GO!

I gained so much more attending this event beyond reading the book and listening to Jocko’s podcast weekly. Getting the hard answers to questions about reluctance to promote. Hard training is the solemn duty of leaders every day.

The Muster is the best leadership course that I have ever been to and ever been a part of! You will get more out of this than you have ever thought or could imagine. Attending has made the path clearer for me as a leader and a subordinate. The feeling that you get once you leave will be that of confidence to apply what is being taught and the yearn to relive each moment of it again.

This is a life changing experience and it WILL make you a better leader, and for me a better husband and father too. Extreme Ownership Conference was worth every penny and then some.

The MUSTER exceeded all my expectations and is the best leadership conference I have attended in my 20-year career. I took away so many actionable lessons that I could implement immediately and principles that I can use on an on-going basis that I will continue to reap the rewards far into the future. I look forward to the next one!

Muster 001 was a powerful event that gave me a deeper understanding of Extreme Ownership. I learned from Jocko, Leif and the rest of the class how the concepts can be applied to any situation if you just take a few moments to think. Extreme Ownership will become the cornerstone of my team’s thinking in dealing with our battle space.

The Muster is a MUST attend event for anyone who needs the tools to become a more effective leader.

The muster is outstanding! A refreshing and honest perspective into leadership challenges resolved through practical and tactile examples. A “must attend” for leaders at ANY level.

By employing the principles of Extreme Ownership, there has been a significant positive change in all members of my team in a profession where change is usually resisted. If you have any questions as to how this applies to your line of work or your personal life, you won’t after attending the Muster.

I’m a 57-year-old sales professional and this is by far the best training I’ve ever attended.

After reading the Extreme Ownership book and listening to the Jocko Podcast one might think what more I can gain from an in-person training event. The Extreme Ownership Muster was the perfect venue for Jocko and Leif to test our knowledge, harden our training, and course correct on any misconceptions we might have.

Muster was the single greatest leadership and business class I have ever taken. If you want to improve your quality of life and ability to lead a high-performance team, you have to read Extreme Ownership and attend a future Muster!

Muster is a life changing, pragmatic experience that will energize you to achieve both work and life goals; a better person and a better leader of your team.

This is the by far the best leadership training I have ever had. This includes the 8-month long CA POST Supervisory Leadership Institute class. I wish I had this training 10 years ago.

I didn’t want to miss Muster001 because I thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Jocko and Leif while learning more about Extreme Ownership. While at the event, I not only deepened my understanding of my own leadership challenges but met an incredible group of fellow troopers that can now be lifelong comrades. I am now more empowered, equipped and energized to grow as a leader.

The Extreme Ownership Muster was an awesome opportunity to meet and interact with leaders in all different industries while learning new tactics to be a better leader both in business and in our personal lives. Jocko and Leif do an incredible job of taking the lessons they learned in their careers as Navy Seals and applying them in a way that can be useful to all business types. Implementing the tools we learned will improve our client experience, our workplace interactions and our personal commitments.

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