The ‘’Tank” is a coinage from World War II. In 1942, the newly formed American Joint Chiefs of Staff met with their British wartime counterparts in a basement room. Participants say the impression was one of entering a tank. The nation’s senior military leaders meet routinely in the tank three times a week to wrestle with national security problems. In times of crisis, they meet more often.


For clients engaged in our Leadership Development and Alignment Program, Echelon
Front has adopted a similar model, but the discussion is singularly focused on our clients’ leadership challenges. Whether it is an individual leader that is struggling to lead a team effectively or an organizational challenge that threatens the entire business, the EF Lead Instructor will present the situation, complication, and proposed resolution to the Tank for feedback and refinement.

Situation -> Complication -> Resolution

As solutions are developed, key client leaders will be invited to join the Tank to discuss the implementation plan and continue to iterate on the appropriate solution to their specific leadership challenge. The Tank leverages the collective years of combat, corporate, educational and consulting experience across the entire Echelon Front team. These sessions allow clients to get the best solutions and answers that Echelon Front can deliver.


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