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We offer practical, experience-based solutions to the complex leadership challenges First Responders face on a daily basis. At its core are battle-tested concepts of combat leadership that directly correlate to all leadership situations on and off the battlefield. We don’t teach theory learned in a classroom. We teach tried, tested, and proven combat leadership principles and strategies learned on the front lines of the war on terror.

Echelon Front leadership training is directly applicable to the law enforcement & firefighting professions who lead in dynamic, rapidly changing, chaotic situations. Simple and direct, yet simultaneously strategic and diplomatic, these leadership concepts are designed to get your team executing at the highest level possible. Training opportunities are available through EO Academy, Roll Call, Muster, FTX, and EF Battlefield.

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Extreme Ownership Academy

Continue honing your leadership skills by diving deeper into the principles for greater insight and understanding. Through role-play demonstrations of the right and wrong application of these principles and how they apply directly to business or any leadership situation, you will better understand how to implement them in your world. Extreme Ownership Academy Offers: Foundation Courses
  • Extreme Ownership 101
  • The Dichotomy of Leadership 101
  • Specialized Courses: OODA Loop, Barriers to Extreme Ownership, The Indirect Approach, Assessments, and more.
Weekly LIVE Training Sessions

Extreme Ownership Companion Workbook

The companion workbook is a complimentary resource that takes the principles from the book and provides a platform for review, interaction, and discussion. This will drive a deeper understanding for individuals and create increased alignment inside organizations looking to develop leadership.


Hands-on training and experiences


ROLL CALL is a one-day leadership training course geared toward ACTIVE DUTY First Responders (Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, EMTs, Military and Government Personnel), those who work in dynamic and dangerous environments.

Instructors focus on applying the combat leadership principles learned on the battlefield to the daily events these leaders face.

*Verification of ACTIVE DUTY status will be required following registration.

Agenda to include:

Topics of training will include the Laws of Combat and Mindsets for Victory as highlighted in the New York Times #1 best seller, Extreme Ownership: How US Navy SEALs Lead and Win.



At this two-day PREMIER LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE, the MUSTER teaches pragmatic leadership, strategies, and tactics to all levels of leadership in every field. The MUSTER dives deep into Extreme Ownership leadership principles and provides clarity on specific steps that leaders must implement in their world, businesses, and life. You will have multiple opportunities to personally engage with Jocko, Leif, and all Echelon Front Instructors to resolve specific challenges and problems you face. In addition, participation provides profound opportunities to engage with like-minded and highly motivated individuals and leaders.


Two-day, hands-on, real-world training on Extreme Ownership Leadership Principles. Participants experience challenging and chaotic situations to bring to life the power of effectively applying the 4 Laws of Combat.



The military has long utilized battlefield reviews, commonly referred to as ‘Staff Rides,’ to help develop their leaders. Staff rides are a unique method of conveying the lesson of the past to present-day leaders, both military and private sector, for the current application. EF Battlefield Review is a one or two-day tour of a historical battlefield. LIMITED TO 40 PEOPLE  

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