Ever wonder if Leadership Development is worth it? We ran the numbers, and it's clear: there's tremendous ROI when you invest in leadership. Click here to read more.
Partnership will provide agencies with advanced training and tools to support high performance through leadership and wellness
Echelon Front is holding a Leadership Challenge Month throughout October to deal directly with these issues and more, and you’re invited to join and grow your leadership skills.
Most underperformers don’t need to be fired; they need to be led. In this course, you will learn about the escalation of counseling that helps you understand when someone needs to be mentored versus when it is time to fire someone. The dichotomy here is learning to balance caring about your people and helping people improve while not allowing them to negatively affect the team.
Jocko and Leif discuss the importance of realistic, fundamental, repetitive training. You will learn why those three factors are so important and how to balance training that pushes the team out of their comfort zone without demoralizing them to the point that they fail to learn.
Leaders should always default to aggressively solving problems, but there are times that hesitation may allow a leader to further understand a situation. In this course, you will learn how to be Aggressive, Not Reckless by finding the balance between proactively solving problems and delaying action to prevent reckless decisions
Disciplined, Not Rigid focuses on finding the balance between being disciplined and flexible. Too many standard operating procedures or an overly disciplined environment can actually inhibit your team’s ability to think critically