When onsite instruction isn’t feasible our Connected Leadership Training delivers the same powerful lessons and the opportunity for your team to engage directly with Echelon Front Instructors.

EF offers a wide range of services to support teams of every size and industry.

LEADNET gives you the tools to solve your leadership challenges and Win.

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STRATEGIC ADVISING – Virtual Executive Coaching, Small Group or 1-on-1 Advising

Individual coaching sessions with EF instructors enable personalized growth, development, and application of the principles of Extreme Ownership to overcome leadership challenges.

Initial sessions are structured to quickly get the EF Instructor familiar with your company, organizational and positional friction, and areas of focus for leadership development.

In most engagements, EF utilizes a proprietary leadership assessment
tool to identify areas of growth for individuals. The tool can be run as
both a self-assessment and a 360-degree assessment. Results of the 360-degree survey provide objective insight into leaders’ hidden strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots. The output of the tool is used during strategic advising sessions to focus the conversations to help to increase a leader’s self-awareness, a key skill in the most effective leaders in combat and in business.

• Programs are structured in one, two, or three-month increments, with weekly calls varying from 30-60 minutes.
• Instructor(s): Single or Multiple Instructors
• Platform: Video via Zoom, Skype for Business, or preferred video
teleconference provider; Audio via conference call

Strategic advising identifies gaps and areas for improvement in leadership skills and provides a simple, synthesized list of recommendations to work towards greater individual leadership performance and improved execution by the team. The client will also gain experience and knowledge by applying the principles of Extreme Ownership with real-time feedback from our experienced EF Instructors.

WEBINAR – Live Online Leadership Training and Development

Focused online webinars provide a remote training session tailored to client needs, concentrating on key concepts for each specific group of attendees. The interactive webinars identify the most pertinent subjects and create a granular understanding of how to actually apply the leadership principles to solve the most pressing problems. There are also opportunities to conduct experiential learning through live presentations to reinforce how the lessons apply directly to your team.

A standard webinar presentation includes a 20-60 minute topic presentation plus a 30-minute interactive Q&A session with webinar participants. Topics will be customized to meet the specific needs of your team

• Single session or multi-session packages available
• Instructor(s): Single or Multiple Instructors
• Platform: Video via Zoom, Skype for Business, or preferred
video teleconference provider; or Audio via conference call • Duration: 50-90 minutes I duration
• 50 minutes – 20-minute presentation / 30-minute Q&A • 60 minutes – 30-minute presentation / 30-minute Q&A • 75 minutes – 45-minute presentation / 30-minute Q&A • 90 minutes – 60-minute presentation / 30-minute Q&A

Webinars provide a detailed understanding of the fundamental leadership principles and mindsets of Extreme Ownership and the ability to employ the principles to effectively lead teams at every level. The instructor will also guide the creation of a detailed implementation plan to support individual and team success

WEBINAR – Topics

Cover and Move: Implementing Virtual Task Organization and Collaboration
• Define roles, responsibilities, and overlaps
• Organize tasks for disaggregated teams
• Strengthen relationships

Simple: Ensuring Everyone Understands the Mission
• Redefine and simplify the immediate mission
• Communicate changes to the mission
• Verify understanding of those changes

Prioritize and Execute: Focusing on the Highest Priority
• Ensure company success is paramount
• Reprioritize as the information changes
• Detach from emotion before making decisions

Decentralized Command: Leading Remote Teams
• Simplify your mission statement
• Communicate broader strategic goals
• Define new decision-making parameters
• Engage the entire team to provide solutions
• Explain the why behind the implementation plan

Decisiveness Amid Uncertainty: Leading During a Crisis
• Accept there are no perfect solutions
• Determine the quality of information
• Iterative decision making (OODA Loop)

Creating Belief: Providing Reassurance and Focus
• Tell the truth
• Have tough conversations
• Identify uncertainty and build plans
• Layout strategic priorities and resource limitations
• Seek input on ways to innovate and adapt

Discipline Equals Freedom: Succeeding in a “Work From Home” Environment
• Build and share a schedule and priority list among team • Develop flexible time management processes
• Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) where needed

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – Live Online or Pre-Recorded Briefing

A remote Keynote Presentation consists of a 45-minute briefing focused on the foundational principles of Extreme Ownership and the fundamental 4 Laws of Combat. Our leadership instructors can present either as a team (2 or more instructors) or individually. The keynotes are extremely engaging, and the content resonates with leaders in any capacity and at any level of leadership. The instructors creatively weave powerful SEAL and TOPGUN combat stories with business examples to convey pragmatic leadership concepts and principles.
This presentation will deliver a memorable and lasting keynote that will not only inspire people in your organization but also give them tools and techniques to more effectively lead both in their professional and personal lives.

• Pre-recorded video or live sessions available
• Instructor(s): Single or Multiple Instructors
• Platform: Pre-recorded video for internal sharing or live via Zoom,
Skype for Business, or preferred video teleconference
• Duration: 60 minutes, including 45 minutes keynote presentation /
15-minute Q&A with participants or moderated Q&A with company point of contact

The keynote will deliver an inspirational message and a fundamental understanding of the leadership principles of Extreme Ownership and how attendees can apply these principles to current professional and personal challenges.

EF Online – Virtual Leadership Training Course
EFOnline.com takes the leadership principles taught by Echelon Front and packages them into a scalable model that provides clients 24-7 access to EF leadership instructors. Leadership is a skill that requires multiple repetitions. EF’s online content allows users to reconnect to the principles we teach as often as they want to build a detailed understanding of how to apply them.

The training is broken down into short, digestible segments that are easy to navigate, including video briefs, lessons, interactive decision-making scenarios, quizzes, self-reflection exercises, frequently asked questions, downloadable tools, and live webinars. New training modules are released on a consistent cadence to build upon the existing library.

Echelon Front’s Learning Management System directly ties into your organization’s system enabling progress tracking and results at all levels. It also allows your employees to reference the courses and reengage the material to address emerging leadership challenges, reinforcing the leadership principles and increasing application and impact which translate directly to performance.

Most importantly, when applied, these lessons make your people better leaders and align the culture of your organization. The lessons are pragmatic, applicable, and geared toward every level of leadership from the C-suite to the front lines.


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