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There is no single inoculation to create good leadership, for the individual or within an organization. You can’t read one book, attend one seminar, or listen to just one lecture and suddenly be ready for every leadership challenge. Striving to become a good leader or to build good leadership inside an organization is a campaign—a continual process that never stops. Like any skill, leadership takes practice. The more practice, the better the results and the capability. Leadership can be practiced by reading about leadership principles, discussing leadership scenarios, role-playing, reviewing case studies, and several other methods.

At Echelon Front, we offer practical, experience-based solutions to complex problems through an array of services and programs designed for leaders in every capacity…individuals, small groups, organizations, and enterprise companies.

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Extreme Ownership Academy

Using the same Extreme Ownership Academy resource for individuals and small teams, this takes the online content and packages it into a scalable, cost-effective model that provides our clients 24-7 access to our team of leadership instructors.  

Our Learning Management System (LMS) can directly tie into your organization’s system to allow for integrated tracking and reporting. Our modular and easy-to-navigate LMS system can enable users to take courses as many times as they like while reminding them of and reinforcing the leadership principles that high-performance teams demonstrate. 

Most importantly, when applied, these lessons will make your people better leaders and change the culture of your organization. The courses are pragmatic, applicable, and geared toward every level of leadership, from the C-suite to the front lines. 

Beyond the concepts in Jocko Willink and Leif Babin’s #1 New York Times bestselling book, Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, Extreme Ownership Academy progressively elevates participants’ effectiveness by diving deeper into the principles enabling leaders to: 

  • Achieve greater insight and understanding of Extreme Ownership
  • Learn how to apply the principles in real life; Test practical knowledge
  • Accelerate learning through role-play demonstrations of the right and wrong application of these principles 
  • Guide actions in practical, everyday implementation to solve problems

Implementation and Certification Program

Extreme Ownership Implementation and Certification Programs allow for individuals within an organization to become certified facilitators of the principles of Extreme Ownership through a combination of the Extreme Ownership Academy and the Facilitator Implementation Guide and Resources.  

The Facilitator Implementation Guide includes both physical and digital resources for executing training with your team. The discussion guides, implementation tools, and concepts along with the facilitator resource binder provide the necessary materials to train your team in the concepts and implementation of the EO principles and mindsets.  


Leadership Development and Alignment Programs [LDAP]

Leadership Development and Alignment Programs are highly interactive engagements that match clients with a dedicated team of Leadership Instructors. Instructors work with clients in large groups, small teams, and individuals to identify and address the organization’s most pressing leadership challenges. Each program is co-created and customized with Echelon Front and the client and built to meet your specific organizational needs and objectives. Programs range from just a few months to multi-year engagements that incorporate training sessions with any and every level of leadership within an organization. LDAP clients have full access to individual and team assessments, workbooks and training materials, our web-based training platform, strategic advising, and the assigned EF Instructor cadre.

LDAP programs are comprised of four phases:

  • Design: EF and client leaders identify organizational goals and objectives to design a program with the right blend of on-site, live, virtual, and web-based training.
  • Assessment: EF and client leaders meet both in person or virtually and conduct surveys with company employees to identify leadership gaps and areas of focus in preparation for training.
  • Implementation: EF and client leaders conduct the designed training and dive deep into both the concepts and the array of practical implementation curricula to train leaders and achieve program objectives
  • Sustainment: EF and client leaders ensure the organization has the tools and understanding to continue to develop the EF leadership principles within an organization for those who participated along with other leadership levels and newly onboarded members.

Hands-on training and experiences


The FTX is leadership training protocol that teaches, reviews, tests, and ingrains the leadership principles of Extreme Ownership utilizing experiential learning, dynamic feedback, and a carefully formulated methodology. FTX is not a gunfighting or tactical warfighting course. It is a leadership course. The leadership principles imbued in the attendees apply to any leader in any situation, in business, and in life. Offering 1, 2, and multi-day programs.


The military has long utilized battlefield reviews, commonly referred to as ‘Staff Rides,’ to develop their leaders. Staff rides are a unique method of conveying the lesson of the past to present-day leaders, both military and private sector, for current application. Offering customized 2-day tours of a variety of historical battlefields.


At this two-day PREMIER LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE, the MUSTER teaches pragmatic leadership, strategies, and tactics to all levels of leadership in every field. The MUSTER dives deep into Extreme Ownership leadership principles and provides clarity on specific steps that leaders must implement in their world, businesses, and life. You will have multiple opportunities to personally engage with Jocko, Leif, and all Echelon Front Instructors to resolve specific challenges and problems you face. In addition, participation provides profound opportunities to engage with like-minded and highly motivated individuals and leaders.


At Echelon Front, we share leadership lessons learned to help others LEAD AND WIN. We also constantly look to improve our leadership skills by listening to and learning from the experiences of other leaders. In that spirit, we created “The Council” for a small group of leaders to share leadership experiences in an intimate setting directly with Jocko, Leif, and other EF instructors and learn from each other.





On-Site and Virtual workshops are customized shorter-duration events designed to introduce your team to the Extreme Ownership principles or to help them reinforce an implementation already underway. We offer half-day, full-day, and multi-day training programs and work with each client to build training tailored to their specific needs, identifying the key concepts and principles for each group of attendees. Workshops can incorporate a blend of presentations, interactive discussions, Q&A, practical application exercises, and breakout sessions.

Keynote Presentations

Keynote presentations deliver a memorable and lasting impact that inspires people to lead more effectively in both their professional and personal lives. Presentations are 45-90-minute in length, can be customized to meet specific objectives, can include time for Q&A, and be delivered by an individual instructor or multiple members of Echelon Front team. The engaging presentation styles resonate with leaders in ANY capacity by creatively interweaving combat, professional, and personal stories with practical leadership concepts and principles. 



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