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Echelon Front is launching a newsletter to sort through the vast amount of leadership content, prioritize what is most valuable, and provide that content to you in a simple, clear and concise format. The newsletter, to be released twice a month, will be called the Extreme Ownership Rundown.   

 In the military, the term “Commander’s Intent” explains the why behind a combat operation. When the frontline troops executing a mission understand the Commander’s Intent, this enables Decentralized Command so that everyone on the team can lead to achieve the leader’s strategic purpose, the over-arching goal and desired end state.  The result is a highly efficient, highly effective team of leaders at every level who can make adjustments, solve problems, capitalize on opportunities, and aggressively execute to win.  

 At Echelon Front, we know that leadership is the solution to every problem. But we recognize that there is a daunting amount of leadership content and material generated each week through virtual training sessions, in-person leadership events, and podcasts. Our Commander’s Intent for the Extreme Ownership Rundown is to provide you just the highlights in simple, clear and concise form so that—despite your busy schedule—you can learn the skills necessary to solve your problems through leadership.  

Extreme Ownership Rundown Commander’s Intent:

  • Purpose: Provide the reader with the most valuable leadership lessons in a small number of simple, clear, concise articles and videos for easy access.
  • Goal: Empower the reader with the knowledge of how to apply the right leadership skills in the most effective manner to their specific leadership challenges in order to get those problems solved.
  • End State: Create leaders who are constantly learning, growing and working to better themselves and everyone around them.

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If you’re ineffective, you need to take ownership of the problem and figure out an effective solution. If you’re effective, you should still carefully analyze where you can create efficiencies and become even more effective.

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The 360 Degree Perspective

Effective leaders practice seeing from different perspectives. In the military, we conducted reconnaissance missions by employing a clover leaf pattern to observe the target from 360 degrees.

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There is no growth in the comfort zone. Training should push people beyond where they are comfortable so that they learn to handle those situations and grow.

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You May Be Wrong

You May Be Wrong

For any disagreement with others, you must first consider that you might be wrong. Whether it’s a family member, a team member at work, or our boss, when we disagree on something or don’t seem aligned, you need to start with humility. This requires detachment. It requires keeping your ego in check.

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The Indirect Approach: How To Influence Others

The indirect approach simply means, taking actions that allow another person to reveal the truth to themselves rather than trying to force someone to see the truth. It means, instead of confrontation, ask earnest questions. It may not seem like it, but this is actually the shortest route to leading successfully and influencing others for the good of the team and the mission.

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Bad Boss? Frustrated? Whether you have a micromanaging boss, a weak or indecisive boss, a self-promoter or an egomaniac, these common leadership challenges can leave you feeling powerless. Read this and learn how to succeed, despite your bad boss. Click here.

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