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At Echelon Front, we want the organizations we work with to have the ability to sustain a culture of Extreme Ownership on their own.  We always enjoy putting on workshops, experiential training, and virtual sessions to help our clients introduce and deep dive into these concepts, but we don’t want these events to be the only time that companies train on these principles. As your company grows, the need for continual baseline, fundamentals training will always exist, so we want to provide a way for you to do that on your own.

The Extreme Ownership Internal Trainer Certification Program is a train the trainer program designed to provide people from your organization with the skills to provide introductory training through:

  • A customized training brief with personal, company-related connections made to each fundamental Extreme Ownership principle
  • An ability to answer questions by tying the answer back to Extreme Ownership principles
  • The capability to lead hands-on training modules to teach their company’s employees how to apply the Extreme Ownership principles to their jobs

This will allow your team to continually focus on how to:


    Increase teamwork


    Effectively communicate


    Manage tasks


    Empower others


    Take personal accountability


    Remain humble

    This program is intended to prepare you to be an Extreme Ownership Internal Trainer at your company. This means that, within your organization, you will be certified to instruct and advise others on the principles of Extreme Ownership. We do not take that certification lightly, and we expect the same from you. This program will require your time, your energy, humility, and your disciplined implementation of the principles to be successful, as will the training program you implement as an internal trainer. We have provided the following Vision, Mission, Values, and Expectations for you to remember throughout this train the trainer program.


    To become an exemplary Extreme Ownership trainer.

    Gain a deeper understanding of the principles of Extreme Ownership so that you can properly implement them and train others within your organization how to lead.

    The Principles of Extreme Ownership.


    The most important thing you can do as a trainer is implement the Extreme Ownership principles at all times, and in addition, for this program, you will be expected to:

    • Attend every training session
    • Complete all assigned tasks on time
    • Continuously work to improve yourself
    • Dedicate time outside of sessions to practice, learn, and plan
    • Work as a team with your fellow trainers


    If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity for yourself or others at your organization, please reach out using the form below.

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