Why Motivation Doesn’t Count

Discipline Over Motivation

In this insightful DEF Reset Week #1 article, we dive into the concept that discipline beats motivation in leadership development. Learn why relying on discipline is essential for continuous improvement, enabling you to prioritize leadership skills amidst daily challenges. Read Why Motivation Doesn’t Count.

Discipline Beats Motivation

Don’t count on motivation. Discipline is what will get you through. This is true in fitness. It’s true for nutrition. But it’s also true when it comes to your leadership development.  

Discipline In Leadership

Your leadership skills won’t improve without continuous, disciplined effort. When balancing all that you have to do in a given day or average week, it’s easy to let your leadership development slip. You might prioritize other things, like clearing your email inbox. You might get sucked into scrolling social media. When you’re tired, busy, or simply focused on the immediate task at hand, you won’t feel like making the time to read a book that could improve your leadership skills, listen to an insightful podcast, take an online course like Extreme Ownership Academy, or schedule time with a mentor. That’s why you can’t count on motivation. Count on discipline. Discipline will enable you to make time for the important things. 

Maybe you are in charge of a team. Or maybe you’re not in charge of anyone except yourself and your piece of the mission. But, if you interact with other humans in any capacity, you are a leader. You must use leadership skills to align with others, share resources, and work together to accomplish a goal. This applies at work. It applies at home. It applies in every capacity of your life. Leadership is a skill that none of us are born with. It’s a skill we have to learn. But, learning the skill of leadership requires discipline. You must make the time and effort necessary to improve your leadership skills.  

This week, look at what you are doing to develop your leadership skills. What book are you reading? What should you be reading? What podcasts are you listening toWhat courses are you taking? What mentor can you learn from? What questions can you ask them to seek their guidance and learn from them?  

Discipline Not Motivation

Motivation won’t get you through. Discipline will. So, build a schedule and make time each week for your leadership development. It will improve every aspect of your life.

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