Extreme Ownership: It’s about you.

“What is some advice you would give to a leader who has a hard time letting go of the reigns and delegating to others?”

‍Very often we hear leaders—even those who have read the book and participated in our training sessions—say things like “my boss really needs to demonstrate Extreme Ownership…” or “if that other department would just own it…” or “if my spouse could show some Extreme Ownership…” But, though many don’t realize it, this is, in itself, blame casting and a form of excuse. To say this (or think this) is to say, in effect: “I’m doing great but others need to improve” or “our team is crushing it but the other teams need some work.” These are the opposite of Extreme Ownership. Rather, Extreme Ownership is all about you. Rather than try and force others to change their behavior, you can change yours.

We describe such a mindset as “simple, not easy.” This is one of the most humbling and difficult concepts to accept: you can do better, you can more clearly communicate, you can build stronger relationships, you can better support others and help the team. If you’re frustrated with the way things are, to continue with the same leadership strategy and hope for a better outcome is not a successful strategy. Instead of focusing on all that you think is wrong with your team, or your boss, or someone else, focus on yourself.

Take ownership of yourself, your actions, your team, your life and lead. Lead yourself and lead your team to victory.

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