LDAP Program Manager and Leadership Instructor

Meg Miller spent time coaching at Brown University with the women's lacrosse team from 2004-2016. She also worked in the business office and was the head lacrosse coach at an independent school before joining the Echelon Front team. As a coach, Meg worked with all areas of the game over the course of her coaching career, including offense, defense, and goalies. She also served as the Bears' recruiting coordinator for several years.


Insights by MEG MILLER

Every employee should be well-informed about how a business’s corporate culture affects employee satisfaction. The culture at every organization has a considerable impact on employee happiness as well as the overall success of the organization. A company’s corporate culture is the set of shared mission, vision, and values that make
What is the Micromanagement Definition? Exploring the Spectrum of Definitions for Micromanagement Micromanagement—a term that can be accompanied by heavy sighs, eye rolls, or a move for the exit. And while hearing the term may cause negative reactions, defining micromanagement isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. There is no
Developing self-discipline is a transformative journey that enhances every aspect of one’s life. How to build self-discipline requires establishing a routine of deliberate practices performed consistently. This guide provides practical steps to strengthen your self-discipline, paving the way for progress, achievement, and, ultimately, freedom. Discipline is a skill Discipline is
In the dynamic world of corporate operations, grasping the concept of what is business administration and management becomes essential for professionals aiming to excel in the business sector. While these terms are often used interchangeably, they represent distinct aspects of corporate operations and leadership. Understanding Business Management and Administration To comprehend
Office Management is a critical element to the success and effectiveness of businesses. This concept is crucial for the smooth operation and efficiency of any organization. Office management involves overseeing, facilitating and coordinating various activities in an office, ensuring that targets are achieved, resources are optimized, and the flow of
One of the most common questions we get at Echelon Front, when talking to prospective clients, is what kind of return on investment will we see from this training? This is an honest question, and we know how important investing in your people is for mission success. Employees are the
As leaders – both in our personal lives and professional careers – how do we properly give resources to our teams? Or families? How do we give the resources needed for success to ourselves? Let’s think about this in terms of three different aspects: opportunity, access, and time.