Articles Written By JP Dinnell

A question that we have gotten from individuals in the past here at Echelon Front is: Is business management hard? The Simple answer to this is YES. Managing people and business is hard, however, there are skills that we can learn as individuals that make this easy, and more importantly
Belief is one of the most important factors in determining the success of a team. As Jocko wrote about in Extreme Ownership, if the team believes in the mission, they will do whatever it takes to accomplish the goal. But if the team doesn’t believe in the mission, it’s unlikely they will persevere through challenges or do the hard work necessary to achieve mission success. But getting a team on board isn’t as easy as telling them about the mission. Spreading belief, like many other facets of leadership, requires balance. It’s another of the infinite dichotomies in the Dichotomy of Leadership.