Why are good working relationships important?

This is an important question, especially in the remote work environment we find ourselves in after the Global COVID-19 Pandemic. With more and more workers staying home, working over Zoom, and staying far from the office, it might feel like developing strong working relationships isn’t as important as it was just three years ago.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. As an organizational leader, it is fundamental to your success that your people understand why work relationships are important, how to develop strong working relationships, and the benefits that come from working together as a team.

Why Are Work Relationships Important?

There’s an old adage, “Many hands make light work.” This saying dates all the way back to the 1300s in Sir Bevis of Hampton. It speaks to the very nature of teamwork and how a team, working together, toward a common goal, can make the entire process go faster and easier.

Why are good working relationships important? Because you as an individual can only go so far by yourself but a team unified and striving toward success can see geometric improvement in their results. That’s why teamwork is important.

Work Relationships Help Everyone Succeed

Why are relationships important? We are social creatures. Throughout time, human beings have grouped together for the common good. Tribes, clans, packs, and teams, we’re united in a mission of mutual support, respect, and trust.

When we develop strong relationships with our co-workers, not only do we achieve more for our organization, we enjoy the work more. Have you ever had to do a menial task you weren’t looking for, only to have a friend or family member jump in and lend a helping hand? The work was smoother, you deepen your relationship with that person, and you accomplished more in less time.

Work relationships are no different than laying sod, chopping down a tree, or raising a barn. The benefits of developing rich and robust relationships in the workplace can’t be numbered, but they can be quantified in the impact it has on job satisfaction, quality of work performance, and profits.

How Can I Help My Team Build Work Relationships?

Wherever you are in your organization, an entry-level position, a middle manager, or the CEO, the best way to help your team understand “why are good working relationships important,” is to understand them yourself.

At Echelon Front, we teach leadership and leadership principles with the understanding that everyone is a leader. It doesn’t matter if you are the chairman of the board or the night janitor, you are a leader and your conduct and discipline impact the entire organization. In our online leadership academy, we cover the topics of leadership, ownership, accountability, safety, and lots more, but we also cover relationships.

In this course, you’ll find 12 modules, over 2 hours of video, quizzes, and more that help you understand why work relationships are important, how to develop them, and how to help your team succeed.

If you’re looking to develop deeper working relationships, check out our relationships course today.

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