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Chief Officer of Development and Curriculum

Dave Berke is a retired U.S. Marine Corps officer, fighter pilot, ground combat leader, and now a leadership instructor and speaker with Echelon Front, where he serves as Chief Officer of Development and Curriculum. As a F/A-18 pilot, he deployed twice from the USS John C Stennis in support of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. He spent three years as an Instructor Pilot at TOPGUN where he served as the Training Officer, the senior staff pilot responsible for the conduct of the TOPGUN course.


He then served as an ANGLICO Forward Air Controller supporting the Army’s 1st Armored Division during extensive urban combat operations on the ground in Ramadi, Iraq in 2006. Dave led his supporting arms liaison team on scores of combat missions into the most dangerous neighborhoods and accompanied SEAL Task Unit Bruiser on virtually every major operation in the Battle of Ramadi. He was the only Marine selected to fly the F-22 Raptor having served as an exchange officer at the Air Force’s 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron as the Division Commander. He became the first operational pilot ever to fly and be qualified in the F-35B, serving as the Commanding Officer of the Marine Corps’ first F-35 squadron from 2012-2014.

Upon his retirement from the Marine Corps, Dave joined Echelon Front providing unmatched experience and a unique perspective on combat leadership, analytical decision making, risk mitigation, and creating winning teams. He serves as Echelon Front’s Chief Officer of Development and Curriculum, as well as a leadership instructor, speaker, and strategic advisor.


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“We spent the day with Dave during our global leadership summit. Dave was incredible. In a few hours he inspired our team and communicated simple, no non-sense methods that we have used to collaborate, lead and win. Extreme Ownership has become a cornerstone of our leadership philosophy at TaskUs.”

Bryce Maddock, TaskUs .


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