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Dave Berke

Chief Development Officer

Dave Berke is a retired US Marine Corps Officer, TOPGUN Instructor, and now a leadership instructor and speaker with Echelon Front, where he serves as Chief Development Officer. As a F/A-18 pilot, he deployed twice from the USS John C Stennis in support of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. He spent three years as an Instructor Pilot at TOPGUN where he served as the Training Officer, the senior staff pilot responsible for the conduct of the TOPGUN course. 

Dave were unanimously our team’s favorite part of the two days we spent together – his lessons and advice touched and inspired everyone deeply. I take Extreme Ownership with me everywhere I go, and it’s a perspective that has helped immensely in my professional and personal life.”
“I had to fight hard to get Dave here so I wanted to know what others in my organization thought. Before, some of things I heard were along the lines of,  “it’s not innovative enough” and “It will be too much on war.” Valid questions and concerns that I had to answer and address, but the journey we were taken on framed up that we are responsible for EVERYTHING, and we were given the tools to go do it. People teared up, laughed and sat in awe. Dave even challenged us on what are our mission even is… crickets. It was a tense but important moment for us to reflect. Our leadership got a good hard look at themselves during that short 90 minutes. '

“Best speaker I have ever heard. Can’t wait to read the book! Wow. What an impactful speaker. Really challenged my thinking. We didn’t need the other speakers. Dave was more than enough.”

"The session was the highest rated of the entire summit."

    Insights by Dave Berke

    With almost every client we’ve ever worked with, at some point, someone asks about micromanagement. Normally, they are wondering how to deal with a micromanaging boss. There’s often a lot of frustration and emotion in this question. People don’t like being told what to do, and sometimes it’s even worse
    In the realm of business and organizational leadership, having effective management skills is crucial for any aspiring or current leader. Management skills are the abilities and competencies that enable an individual to stay organized, manage resources, and coordinate efforts. However, to truly manage teams, projects, and entire organizations effectively, you
    If you’re looking to understand how tactical management is different from strategic management, you might be like one of many leaders who struggle with strategic versus tactical thinking. At Echelon Front, we see many clients who initially tend to focus on one or the other. However, leaving out either of
    I wore a gold shirt to my first Echelon Front event. Think about that for a second. The first time I worked with Jocko Willink and Leif Babin at an Echelon Front training event with a client, I was dressed in a bright gold polo shirt.
    The best way to introduce, develop, and maintain a culture of Extreme Ownership with your team is to model it. When your new recruits first arrive to work, they will see right away how you lead, and over time they will embrace it.
    A good leader needs to have a strong relationship with everyone on his or her team. The more you know about them and the more connected you are, the more effective you become. So on the one hand, you need to be close with your subordinates…but not too close.
    And if it’s simply a short-term deal to pay the bills, or save for a trip, teach them that the discipline they learn when they do good work in an unfulfilling job will serve them well as they move on to bigger and better things. 
    One of the most common issues I am asked to discuss when talking with clients is how to work with Millennials. The appearance of a generation gap is stark, and the descriptions of many younger employees are not flattering: Entitled, lazy, unmotivated, disconnected, and the list goes on.
    We have all worked for leaders with an “open door” policy. Some of us have implemented them ourselves. We want to be accessible to our team and make them comfortable to speak candidly on any issue. No one wants to see a closed door or feel like the leader doesn’t

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    In this video, best-selling author and former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink and retired TOPGUN Pilot Dave Berke talk about how detaching and setting boundaries will help you keep the High Ground and achieve your goals.
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