Articles Written By Sean Glass

Am I A Micromanager? Micromanagers are not all the same. In fact, there are numerous types of micromanagers with their own unique behaviors and traits. Regardless of the type of micromanagement being employed, the results are always the same: employee morale, creativity, development, and ownership are stifled, which results in
In my role at Echelon Front, I have the opportunity to meet and build relationships with people who work in every sector of the economy. Medical professionals, construction professionals, lawyers, tech workers, first responders, stay-at-home parents, salespeople, and many more. Almost all these individuals tell me they would like more
Achieving self-discipline is a pivotal aspect of personal growth, success, and freedom in every single area of your life. No human is born with self-discipline. It is a skill, and like any skill, we can get better or worse at being disciplined individuals. Cultivating self-discipline involves a combination of deliberate
Things change. It is an inevitable part of life and business. Technology evolves, strategies shift, and new markets emerge. Organizations that can aggressively identify these changes and trends, and move to take advantage of them, often find themselves with a competitive advantage or increased capabilities. What is change management in