Rob Jones is a retired US Marine, combat leader, and now a leadership instructor and speaker with Echelon Front. He spent five years in the Marine Corps, with deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Rob did an excellent job relating just enough to the industry but not pretending to know a lot about the details of construction industry. This made his content relatable and entertaining to keep employees thoroughly engaged throughout the presentation. Rob did an excellent job staying within the time constraints provided but also being flexible with the dynamic environment of a quartely meeting."

- Construction Executive

"Rob was fantastic - one of the best speakers we've had in over a decade."

- Fire Department Lieutenant

"This was the right topic at the right time! Rob Jones did an excellent job of covering leadership in an easy to digest manner. The real-world examples really brought clarity to the message."

- Tech Professional


    “Who sets the culture of a team? The leaders. Who are the leaders? You are.” -Jocko Willink  How to Influence Workplace Culture in Five Steps   According to some studies, the average person will spend roughly a third of their life at work. And that is just time spent at
    “When you have that feeling that the other team doesn’t understand, or that other leader doesn’t understand, the reason that they don’t understand is because of how you have communicated.”    -Dave Berke, Muster 006  Introduction  The door between the garage and the mudroom of our house clicked open. I hurriedly
    “Micromanagement is a temporary tool, not a permanent solution.” -Leif Babin  What Is Micromanagement – Deprivation of Freedom  Freedom. It is the number one state toward which all human beings strive. Wars have been fought for it. Countries have been founded to protect it. Millions of people have died to
    “What’s the hack? How do you become stronger, smarter, faster, healthier? How do you become better? How do you achieve true freedom? There is only one way. The way of discipline.” -Jocko Willink, Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual Introduction August 10th, 2010. My eyes creaked open. I blinked them several
    “You save those three minutes, you save those five minutes, and those minutes add up. And those minutes become hours. And days. And weeks. That is how you make time.” -Jocko Willink, Standard Directive 023 Introduction: What is Time Management? In November of 2005, I sat down at my desk

    Jocko Podcast 92 w/ Rob Jones: Ultra-Winning Mindset of a Marine Corps Combat Engineer

    0:00:00 - Opening
    0:11:32 - Who is Rob Jones?
    0:18:36 - First Deployment.
    0:47:21 - Rob Jones, hit with IED.
    1:02:44 - Recovery and mind set.
    1:20:04 - The importance of milestones.
    1:22:08 - Rowing in the Olympics.
    1:37:36 - Doing and impossible Triathlon.
    1:39:58 - Adapt and overcome.  Why Riding a bike across America is a good idea.
    1:58:13 - PUSH IT.  Overcome and Adapt.  31 Marathons in 31 days.
    2:13:02 - Support: JockoStore stuff, Origin Brand Apparel, Onnit Workout Gear.  Also Jocko White Tea and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes). Extreme Ownership (book), The Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual.
    2:42:14 - Closing Gratitude.

    Jocko Podcast 116 w/ Rob Jones - "I Can't" VS "I Won't"

    0:00:00 - Opening
    0:06:09 - Rob Jones: A strong path to recovery. 1:02:117 - "I Can't" VS "I Won't", and the 31 Marathons. 1:45:48 - Proofing the Lane for others.
    1:50:51 - Closing Thoughts and take-aways.
    2:10:02 - Support: JockoStore stuff, Super Krill Oil and Joint Warfare and Discipline Pre-Mission, THE MUSTER 005 in DC. Origin Brand Apparel and Jocko Gi, with Jocko White Tea,  Onnit Fitness stuff, and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes). Extreme Ownership (book), Way of The Warrior Kid 2: Marc's Mission, The Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual, and Jocko Soap.
    2:42:33 - Closing Gratitude.

    Rob Jones | A Double-Amputee Veteran's Journey Continues

    Marine veteran and double amputee, Rob Jones, challenges himself time after time to inspire anyone who might be going through difficult chapters in their life. (U.S. Marine Corps video by Cpl. Jamie Arzola)