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When onsite instruction isn’t feasible our Virtual Training Sessions deliver the same powerful lessons and the opportunity to engage directly with Echelon Front Instructors. Focused Virtual Training Sessions provide remote training tailored to client needs, concentrating on key concepts for each specific group of attendees.

Platform | Video using preferred video teleconference provider

Duration: 60-minutes or 90- minutes per session

Format: Standard webinar presentations include an introduction to our foundational principles or a specific topic presentation, plus an interactive Q&A session with webinar participants. Topics will be customized to meet the specific needs of your team.

Virtual Workshop

Duration: 2 Hours

Format: Combined with the Webinar Presentation the virtual workshop will also include an implementation exercise that challenges attendees to identify and create an action plan to improve any challenge areas.

Virtual Keynote

Duration: 60 Minutes

Format: A remote Keynote Presentation consists of a 45-minute briefing focused on the foundational principles of Extreme Ownership and the fundamental 4 Laws of Combat.


Standard sessions focus on the foundational principles of Extreme Ownership, the four Laws of Combat and the Mindsets for Victory. Follow-on and focused presentations are customizable based on client needs and can include specialized topics such as: 

Prioritize and Execute: Focusing on the Highest Priority

  • Ensure company success is paramount
  • Reprioritize as the information changes
  • Detach from emotion before making decisions

Decentralized Command: Leading Remote Teams

  • Simplify your mission statement and communicate broader strategic goals
  • Define new decision-making parameters
  • Engage the entire team to provide solutions
  • Explain the why behind the implementation plan

Decisiveness Amid Uncertainty: Leading During a Crisis

  • Accept there are no perfect solutions
  • Determine the quality of information
  • Iterative decision making (OODA Loop)

Creating Belief: Providing Reassurance and Focus

  • Tell the truth and have tough conversations
  • Identify uncertainty and build plans
  • Layout strategic priorities and resource limitations
  • Seek input on ways to innovate and adapt

Discipline Equals Freedom: Succeeding in a “Work From Home” Environment

  • Build and share a schedule and priority list among team
  • Develop flexible time management processes
  • Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) where needed
“No matter where you are in the world, this is a powerful resource for leaders at any level”
Paul Slade, CEO CRM Teams South Africa


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