Building business relationships

Building Business Relationships Is Critical To Your Success

Building business relationships is a fundamental part of any organization’s ability to succeed. As a leadership development company, we have seen businesses of all shapes and sizes fail because their internal teams weren’t aligned, relationships were weak, and infighting prevented them from scaling. We’ve also seen other companies fail because they failed to build strong external relationships with clients and vendors. They churned customers and burned bridges to the point that no one wanted to work with them.

Relationships are the grease that keeps the machine moving smoothly, and a failure to understand how to develop relationships is a failure to thrive in business.

Interorganizational Relationships

Interorganizational Relationships are vital to your success. Bottlenecks and silos inside your business will prevent you from scaling. Infighting will kill your productivity and efficiency. Contentious and friction-filled office interactions will slow you to a halt.

Learning to develop relationships within your team, across departments, and up and down the chain of command will lead to a lean organization capable of scaling on demand because they are all working toward a common objective and doing so in unison.

Do not neglect your interorganizational relationships. You’ll need them to win in business.

Building Successful Client Relationships

Building successful client relationships means understanding that your client’s needs are your needs. Those relationships blossom into partnerships that are mutually supportive and beneficial. It means anticipating their needs because you are aligned on why they chose to work with you over your competitors and over-delivering on the commitments you made to them.

Building successful client relationships will help you increase profitability and retention because people fundamentally want to work with people that they know, like, and trust. Building those client relationships means you’re serving your own goals of profitability and retention because your clients stay with you longer, and you serve them better.

Make sure you’re building successful client relationships.

Agency Relationships

If you’re in business, it is critical that you understand your Agency Relationships are more than just a vendor that you pay every month; they are trusted partnerships that help you grow beyond your capacity and capability at this stage in your business.

A proper agency relationship is developed just like every other relationship: by understanding the people you’re working with, their motivations, and their goals. A mutually beneficial agency relationship might seem counterintuitive (you are paying them to do a job, after all), but establishing a symbiotic relationship can pay dividends in cheaper costs of goods, greater execution and agility on their behalf, and a host of other benefits.

Establishing strong agency relationships is vital to your business’s success.

Why Are Good Working Relationships Important?

Good working relationships are important because, without them, everything bogs down. This might seem like a redundant question, but you’d be surprised how many people search this question every single day on Google. Most people have never considered that building good working relationships with everyone they interact with makes their jobs easier, their burden lighter, and contributes to the overall success of the organization.

Why are good working relationships important? Because we are dealing with people, everyone would rather work with those they know, like, and trust. You’re no different, so why would anyone else think differently?

Learning to develop good working relationships will pay dividends in all aspects of your life.

Scaling Relationships

Understanding the key to [scaling relationships] is a fundamental skill set that can’t be understated. As we’ve addressed in this article, your internal and external relationships are vital to your success today and tomorrow and the future growth you desire for your organization.

Learning to develop and increase the value of relationships inside and outside of your business will help you enrich your life, develop lasting relationships that go beyond business, and get expedited results more efficiently.

Learn to scale relationships today.

When To Leave a Business Relationship

For many of you, you’re wondering if all is lost or if you can salvage anything in your business relationships. Whether you feel your business relationships are toxic, full of negativity, or hopeful that things can be mended and approved, you need to understand a fundamental principle: everything is on you.

That isn’t meant to be a heavy burden around your shoulders; it’s a liberating fact that when you take Extreme Ownership, you gain the freedom to understand [when to leave a business relationship] and when it can be fixed and often improved.

Extreme Ownership is not a negative; it’s a force multiplier. Knowing that you are in complete control of everything in your life gives you the freedom to succeed where others give up.

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