EVERYONE WANTS TO WIN. LEARN HOW TO BUILD A WINNING CULTURE INSIDE YOUR ORGANIZATION. We had a client that was tired of losing. For years, they had been ranked last among twelve disaggregate job sites across the U.S. One leader in the organization finally decided he was tired of losing
Former Navy SEAL and Extreme Ownership co-author Jocko Willink and TOPGUN and Echelon Front Instructor Dave Berke explain how to fix company culture.
Leadership is a complex and challenging endeavor. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or an aspiring leader, navigating the intricacies of effective leadership can be daunting. The demands of today’s fast-paced business landscape – from managing teams remotely to juggling competing priorities – require a comprehensive set of skills and a
In today’s competitive business landscape, the foundation of success lies in the ability to cultivate robust and cohesive teams. A pivotal element of effective teamwork is the establishment of relationships among team members who collaborate toward shared objectives. In this blog post, we will explore five strategies to elevate team-building
Leading a new team can be both exciting and challenging. Whether you’re new to the team, promoted from within, or leading a freshly formed team, the principles of effective leadership remain constant. In this article, we’ll explore 10 tips to help you lead a new team.   1. Cover and Move:
Let’s explore the concept of accountability and its relationship with extreme ownership. We are going to navigate the terrain of personal responsibility, effective communication, and building strong relationships within your team.  Extreme Ownership: The Foundation of Accountability:  In the world of leadership, the term “accountability” often goes hand in hand
“How can one exercise good leadership and communication in a team with several remote workers?” ‍As remote work becomes more common, it poses unique leadership challenges. In the office, you can walk over to your coworkers’ desk to ask a question, but with remote workers, communication can be a problem
“What is some advice you would give to a leader who has a hard time letting go of the reigns and delegating to others?” ‍For the last year, I’ve been leading a weekly planning meeting of key staff who work to produce concerts at the Nashville Symphony. Each concert or
Are You Taking Ownership or Wasting Leadership Capital in Your Marriage? In a recent live session of the Women’s Assembly, Corey Mize discussed a pitfall that she faced in the first years of her own marriage – a pitfall that too many people fall into. It was counterproductive communication and
One of the most common questions we get at Echelon Front, when talking to prospective clients, is what kind of return on investment will we see from this training? This is an honest question, and we know how important investing in your people is for mission success. Employees are the
Scaling relationships sounds almost robotic, but it’s an important principle to understand in life. In the business world, scaling refers to accelerated growth beyond where you currently stand. Learning to scale your relationships is a vital skill that will pay dividends across the spectrum of life. Beyond business, in your
This is an important question, especially in the remote work environment we find ourselves in after the Global COVID-19 Pandemic. With more and more workers staying home, working over Zoom, and staying far from the office, it might feel like developing strong working relationships isn’t as important as it was
Why Do Interoganizational Relationships Matter? For decades, the American workforce showed up to work and “punched a clock.” Their only goal was to get through the day and go home to see their families. In recent years, Millennials and Gen-Z have been sending clear signals that they care far more
Building successful client relationships is crucial to your success in business. Beyond the obvious answers of great retention, the more important factor is that your ability to serve them is greatly increased because they are more receptive to the work you are performing on their behalf. When developing successful client
Agency relationships can be difficult to navigate. For many organizations are focused on finding a vendor who can do a task or fulfill a need. For others, they’re looking for strategic partners who can help them exponentially expand their operations by utilizing a client-agency relationship that is mutually beneficial. At
Building Business Relationships Is Critical To Your Success Building business relationships is a fundamental part of any organization’s ability to succeed. As a leadership development company, we have seen businesses of all shapes and sizes fail because their internal teams weren’t aligned, relationships were weak, and infighting prevented them from
Why Do They Matter? If you’ve ever wondered how to communicate in a relationship, then you’re in good company. This question is one of the most popular questions surrounding relationships online. That fact should clue you into how poorly we’ve been taught to navigate relationships of all types and the
If you’ve ever wondered how to communicate in a relationship, then you’re in good company. This question is one of the most popular questions surrounding relationships online. That fact should clue you into how poorly we’ve been taught to navigate relationships of all types and the work required to get
Building trust in a relationship isn’t a skill set people are born with. It’s a skill we learn as we navigate the intricacies of life, interact with people, and experience human nature. The question itself precludes that there is a lack of trust in a relationship. Why? Because very often
Echelon Front COO talks with Leif about her humble beginnings with Echelon Front.